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POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 9: “Supah Beef, Sauce, Cheese, and Onions”

“Supah Beef, Sauce, Cheese, and Onions” ©️ C.P. Hickey

“Supah Beef, Sauce, Cheese, and Onions”

Late night adventures,

Sometimes end at Mike’s Roast Beef.

As long as you get there by two a.m.,

They’ll take your order.

All sorts go there,

And stuff their bellies full.

Onion rolls,

Texas Burgers,

Pizza Rolls.

Two-way combo seafood platter;

A fisherman’s feast.

There used to be a picture of Nomar Garciaparra up on the wall.

They used to sell donuts at this location,

And it was called Mike’s Donuts.

I don’t know why they don’t sell coffee or donuts anymore.

If they did, i might have to try them again.

I might even take the top of my onion roll and toss it to my buddy’s chocolate lab.

Last time I did, he inhaled it and made the sound of a mule choking.

Good times, man,

Good times.