“Wee Willie Winkie” © C.P. Hickey 2017





Skittering this way and that.

Husky dark, in a black top hat.

Dwelling in the night alone.

Miles from my boyhood home.

I walk at length without remorse.

Abiding a consistent course.

Pulled by the gravity of my fear.

Obligations in arrear.

Destination compromised.

Caffeine beverage ill advised.

Nightly automatic wander.

Deepest sleep profanely squandered.

Somnambulistic warrior weaving,

bewitching shadows beyond perceiving.

Do not wake a sleeping giant,

reactions will not be compliant.

Traveling life in waking sleep,

requires loads of disbelief.

Do not make the same mistake,

miles to go before I wake.


Miles to go before I wake.