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“We About Lost Our Minds”

“Gummed Up” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“We About Lost Our Minds”

Trying as might,

Crawdads and doodads.

Believing poor sight,

Wiper blades move fast.

Seething from sight.

Who does? Who has?

Wrong is now right.

A taciturn morass.

Seeing one’s plight,

A blinding illusion.

A ritual rite,

A land of confusion.

Losing the fight,

Abstract pollution.

Born into plight,

A harbored delusion.


Axiom # 20,170,711

“We aren’t here to enable each other in strengthening the fantasies we hold of our perceived realities. But, perhaps, to challenge those perspectives, instead, with as much compassion and empathy we can muster when staring stark inconvenient truths in the face. Life is hard for everybody, everybody.”_Thus spoke Ghostnutstra_11_7_17