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40/40: July/August Poetry Project

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“A Storm Is Coming”

“A Storm Is Coming” Building and building, we wait. Warnings issued, preparations. Some, don’t listen, and carry on. Others, don’t believe the weatherman, despite the evidence. Rain could wet their clothes, and they would deny it’s rain. You can’t change people like that. Self-destructive…

“Swallowed Harms”

“Swallowed Harms” right here upon a heart staked hope, I asked for help, your shoulder cold. irksome, lonesome, per arrangement, a perfect marriage becomes estrangement. left to quiet room’s despair, Atlas shrugged, and took a chair. suffer, shame despondent moods. harried lifelong interludes. a…

“I Once Dated a Trumper”

“I Once Dated a Trumper”   I once dated a Trumper, before there was a nominal distinction for such a creature. I can recall the subtleties that existed. Things like:   perceived slights when none were present a misguided sense of justice zero compassion…


  “Tirade” my rage is pent up, and needs to be spent. it’s indicative of repressed things. unknown in memory, but, suddenly remembered if provoked. simple cilia-like triggers, up and down my being. inextricably woven into my DNA. prepared for the slightest provocation. I…


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