2022 · Poems

Fresh Starts

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“Fresh Starts”

A canvas stretches out before us

Newly open

Waiting for engagement

The rearview is full of ago

We must forward

Place purpose, then

As the only given moment exists in this small frame

Available, until occupied

The secret, though?

The canvas renews its new each day

Don’t beat your kindness of self upon it

But do bear witness to the truth of self

Create again

You are never what you were, or will be, but simply what you are…

This one and only moment of new

Take a chance

Forge your soul into a becoming warrior

Fight for life




“Perfect Purpose”

“Mullet Mayhem” © C.P. Hickey 2018



“Perfect Purpose”

The residual snow melts neatly as daylight gains a foothold.

Winter winds pinch less around the cheekbones, now.

Bitterness abates.

A vocation for longer stretched out days develops.

Prayers fall on listening ears,

and answers appear readily to balance the ledger.

Hard fought, wicked winter victory.

Triumph of warmth.

Keep rolling, calendar days, until the first frost appears on the fall pumpkin patch.

Then, the cozy woolen blankets will be retrieved for their perfect purpose.