2022 · NaPoWriMo

“Father Dagda”

“Turnkey” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2022

“Father Dagda”

Father Dagda

Who could blame ya?

As violence begets pain.

Pirate’s plunder

Torn asunder

Your family’s gravy train.

No way of showing,

All are growing.

Soon you’ll be alone.

Father Dagda

Must keep rowing,

Despite a tide so low.

2022 · Poems

“Mother Morrigan”

“Branch” ©️C.P, Hickey 2022

“Mother Morrigan”

Mother Morrigan

I suppose you’re on again

Trimming the fat

And cutting soup larger

Kitchen alchemy

Radish carvery

Sewing needle spool

Return to the larder

Washing clothes

Hanging hose

Displacing mares of the night

Battling gentle

Suppressed elemental

Granted for taken

Reverse, I’m mistaken

Even sleep is far from respite.

2021 · Christmas 2021 · The Twelve Days of Christmas




I love me a hearty sammich.

Some bread and lots of meat.

Condiment selections,

and extra, extra cheese.

A hero, spuckie, grinder,

hoagie, flatbread treat.

A sub for my friend, Sharon.

Wraps, tortas, paninis.

When concerning yourself with matters,

of the culinary.

You could do a lot worse,

than grabbing a gyro with tzatziki.

A pita full of hummus,

a steakbomb with the grease.

A poor boy dripping sauce,

all over your knees.

Here’s a little secret:

Last call, at Mike’s Roast Beef.

Order a super with sauce,

on an onion roll, with cheese.

If going to Christy’s,

and you can avoid Sal’s lazy eye.

A ham and cheese with picks and ungs,

will keep you satisfied.

Papa Gino’s Chicken Pahm.

Collier’s Boloney.

Ground Round’s Reuben cut in half.

A Jenny’s meatball dream.

You can keep your five-star restaurant,

I’ll take the corner deli.

An overstuffed sando,

is what makes a happy belly.

Poems · poetry

“Desitin Daddy”

“Desitin Daddy” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020

“Desitin Daddy”

Desitin Daddy,

Quarantine savvy,

Whittling a day to wit’s end.

Working from home,

Never alone,

Zoom session lagging again.

A virtual classroom,

Diaper fresh ass-wound,

In need of calming cream.

For all of the crying,

Squirming and prying,

Dry bum bum makes him serene.