“This Poem Is About You”

“Imagery” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“This Poem Is About You

This poem is about you,

I am not being opaque.

It is about you.

I am being specific when I say,

This poem is about you.

It is about all the things you have done to me.

Specifically, me.

Let me be specific when I say,

This is a poem about you, and all of the things you have done specifically to me.

Why did you do those things, specifically, to me?


“Definitive Waiting Room Behavior”

“Waterway” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Definitive Waiting Room Behavior”

I felt myself shutting off.

But then I found the right catalyst at the right time.

Now, I’m catalytic.

Pulling at levers dreadfully desperate,

An abridged version of my mistakes and dreams.

The payoff remains elusive.

Not what I expected.



Heaven isn’t an abstract to me it’s a concrete dream which I create somewhere in the depths of my mind and it draws downward down around the spine till it reaches the heart and then it populates beat beat beat until it is spilled over and continues down through my legs out through the tips of my feet there is nowhere i’d rather be than under an old stately elm tree on a moderate spring day knowing that you love books and knowing that I love books that we love books and go about lazy reading punctuated by moments of contentment and short breaks when I pare the skin from a red delicious apple and experiment with the satisfying crunch that comes of biting raw into the crimson vessel that is the sweet spot of existence I never told you before but my chest fills with indescribable lightness and joy when we touch It is thrilling even more so when it is accidental I crave those moments I want to know you not as I always have imagined you to be but you as you inhabit your own space and destiny the gravity of your bright shining star pulls me and pushes me I am most me when our orbits intersect let’s walk a while together I’ve much to tell you but more to find out