SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 9 “ A Difficult Apology”

“Branch” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

Inspired by my friends, THE WAVE

“A Difficult Apology”

I try, yes I really try,

To be a bigger guy.

But, somewhere deep inside,

In places where I cry,

I’m troubled by pride.

Hard, to apologize.

With aversion to regret,

Despite the largest of missteps,

And actions that weren’t correct,

You cannot expect,

For me to accept,

Any hand in that debt.

Although, it is polite,

It’s hard to be contrite.

Who’s wrong and who is right?

An instance of fight or flight.

An admission made outright?

The only way out of my plight?

I’m not that kind of man.

I know it’s hard to understand.

A simple sorry would be rough,

But most times would be enough.

It’s just not the me of me,

To give a difficult apology.

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Summertime Rhymes- # 1: “Karmic Cosmic Reprimand”

“Karmic Cosmic Reprimand”

I have a wandering eye,

But not a wondering hand.

A trillion light years pass above.

Karmic cosmic reprimand.

Left to my own devices.

Searching for something more.

A blind man deaf to guidance.

Lost on unknown shores.

Adventuresome lone traveler,

Bent on soon arriving.

Way leads on to way.

Despite devised conniving.

Living for the road.

Hiding my true heart.

A trip can surely end,

Well before it starts.

“High Definition”

“Marzipan Brick” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“High Definition”

You don’t get to define me.

Your pseudo lingual double-speak.

Safe space, duplicitous, effrontery.

Practiced in self-deceit.

No truth or logic,

So to speak.

You don’t get to define me.

Who I am.

Not your me.

Esteem thief.

Your vested insecurity,

Breeds contempt among peace.

You don’t get to define me.

Your nomenclature offends.

You appropriate words to ply your means.

All meaning bent to extremes.

Dealing deceit equivocally,

Until the lazy follow your trends.

“Repeat After Me”

“Well In Tongue” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2019

“Repeat After Me”

Repeat after me:

After a fashion,

Laughter compassion.

Culpable passion,

For all that can’t be supposed;

By those on cell phones.

Nostrils aglow,

High-score window.

Like, like, or ❤️?

Baggin’ the rote,

Confession outgrown.

Truth is in the lie of the bolder.

Rained out parade.

Marchers dismayed,

Marching ever on,

Toward horizons of grand illusion.

The journey is of import,

Not the trip.

Finding things that need to be lost.

Lost forever,

To be found at the edge of tomorrow,

And absent of infinity.