“Tomorrow Never Ends”

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“Tomorrow Never Ends”

A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker

Do you suppose they lay out their clothes for the next day?

Seems to teeter between confidence and hope

Somewhere slight on the middle of either end

Almost imperceptible

But, as prepared as a new day could expect one to be

I sometimes get around to wondering how many people never awaken to dress in laid out clothes

“Tease Nap”

“Blank-etiquette” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Tease Nap”

Tease nap…

Where you at?


The rest of.

Quiet place,

Hat on face.

A clandestine siesta.

As quick to fall,

Awake enthralled.

Not sure of century,

Or location.

Dried saliva,

Snooze expired.

Waking so exact.

Not a chance,

To expand.

It was just a tease nap.