POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 30:“Enchantment Under The Sea”

Enchanted Ocean Front Property

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“Enchantment Under The Sea”

The sky is falling.

The water is rising.

Leaders of men,

Are constantly lying.

Knowledge derided,

Reason eschewed,

Scientific advancement,

Set back, a century or two.

Citizens beaten,

Apathetic, deflated.

Sensible legislation,

is not even debated.

How did we get to this place,

If you please?

A gradual decline,

Or traveling light speed?

What is projected,

A century?

A quarter?

Before most of our homes are underneath water?

The naysayers doubt,

The naysayers scoff.

A silver tongued devil,

Hides all the proof of,

Data and scientific speculation,

Of things that will happen,

To most of our nation.

What will it take to believe?

A hurricane season,

With storms A-Z?

More extensive forest fires,

Coastal cities inundated,

An impotent Congress,

That forgot what debate is.

What will it cost?

What will it be?

A future Enchantment Under the Sea.

Perhaps, we’ll grow gills,

Adapt and move on.

Nah, we deserve what is coming.

We brought all of it on.

Hubris, and excess,

Exploitation, and greed.

Elected officials,

Unwilling to speak,

Against special interests,

And big industry.

Fake news, and diversions,

Mealey mouthed duplicity.

There is nothing enchanting,

About living under the sea.

Unless of course,

You’re able to breathe.

One thing for certain,

That can’t be debated,

Our behavior,

Caused this process to become accelerated.

A special thank you goes out to my wife. My most ardent supporter, and the one that gets the pleasure of dealing with my cranky ass on the daily.  When she has participated in my projects in the past, I’ve cheaped out and wrote a haiku, or did something that didn’t have quite enough panache. So I’ve upped my effort on this post.

Poemvember 2018, has been a month-long poetry project where colleagues, friends, and associates volunteered a word or phrase, which I in turn fashioned into a poetical response. I had great fun exploring all the possibilities that were volunteered, and enjoyed collaborating with people whether they are writers, poets, or readers.

If you enjoyed this post, please come back tomorrow, when I will follow up this project with my December effort: The ProCrasstheNation.com Advent Calendar Blog. Give me a month, and I’ll give you 25 Mysterious Decorative Doors. What awaits behind each day’s door? Well, you’ll have to click the door links to find out. Please join me for what promises to be a fun month of poems, stories, and a few Christmas Surprises.

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I will definitely be performing a previously unpublished piece. You should really come by and see if the poem is about you. How will you ever know if you aren’t there? Are you willing to take that chance?


Poemvember 2018-Day 2: “Passage”

Photo courtesy of Evangeline Vickery


It was once asserted that way leads on to way.


Danger inherent and implied sits thick at a cave’s entrance, and starts its gradual suffocation once a step is taken over the threshold.

Caves, paths, and passages, can manifest like that.

They can also manifest as dark, gnarled, cavernous, turnabouts.

Where danger and death collect their tolls.

Places where missteps and doubt create chaos.

Panic rises, flight ensues.

Where to?

The light at the end of a tunnel?

False hope?

A spelunkers oasis.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the mermaid of subterranean passages.

Sometimes they entreat a wary traveler to gamble away all they have.

A ruse.

No way out but through.

Not over, or under,

But through.

Strands of gossamer.

Deep powdered crude-oil darkness.

Viscous, pervasive.

Deprivation of sight, but enhanced hearing.

To no advantage, really.

Who wants to hear an unseen terror as it possesses your agency.

Cave-teets of stalactite drip calcium salt deposits,

And over time grow lethal stalagmites,

Ready to pierce eye sockets and soft tissue of tripped travelers.

A scaled journey fraught with peril.

As most of life, unknowns abound, the path is there, but presents differently to each.

Some manage, some don’t.

Danger inherent and implied,

The choice to step over the threshold;