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“Can I Kick the Tires?” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021




Lacking propriety

Feeding anxiety

Challenging sobriety


So what about me?

So what?

So inclined to pursue

My interests anew

So what, about you?

I don’t like your views

They make me uncomfortable

You must be normative cisgender racist of no particular color

You fit the profile

We all know what you are

We’ll identify you

So that others can understand your inherent ability to cause discomfort in this space

So what?

So it goes

So on and so forth

So, just so you know




Pain numbed

Down dumbed

So, about that thing…

A so called humanity

Discerning who can be or be seen

Relative to hurt feelings


So extreme

I’ll Trump your facts with a meme

So important to me

Impacts what I see

Despite reality

It’s all about me

So what about me?

So what about me?


2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021

“In My View”

“Going Back” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021

“In My View”

In my view

You haven’t seen enough

You’re gaze is fixed on a point that affords no perspective

You look backward

Not forward

And never inward

In my view

You build bivouac biases

That become entrenched

In the shadows of self-validation

Looking for rights instead of right

Seeing the worst in all

In my view

You’re blinded by the rage of ignorance

Led astray by false prophets

Are a sore for sighed I’s

That is to say ego,

Id go as far as impaired

In my view

I see

I saw

I sought

2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021

“Conspiracy Theory”

“Head in the Clouds” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021

“Conspiracy Theory”

Conspiracy theory


A friend I have

Now lost to thee

Rhyme and reason

Out the door

Reality twisted

Sense, no more

Your fucking hold

A tractor beam

No longer grounded


Facts are fiction

Fictions are fact

Your waking life

Has been hijacked

No way out

Truth not rendered

You’re prey to

Extremist agenda

Conspiracy theory


A friend I had

Now free falling

2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021

“Gravy Train”

“Tangy Brown” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021

“Gravy Train”

Rolling boil

Bubbles and steam

The gravy train

A foodie’s dream

Vegetable stock

Turkey juice

Corn starch

Makes a tangy roux

Get it hot

Get it poured

Dinner thread

To feed the hoard

2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021

“Turkey Carcass”

“Honest” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021

“Turkey Carcass”

Turkey carcass

Pummeled Scut Farkus

Gravy sandos so choice

The kids abed

Thanks all said

Silence kills the noise

Blackest Friday

Just a regular Friday

Shoppers showing no poise

Stripped of meat

2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021


“Pots” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021


Pots uncovered

Pots all cut

Pots boiling


Mash ‘em up




Butter and pepper

Wholly whipped

Thanksgiving sides

The supporting cast

Slam ‘em on the table

And wait for the pass

2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021

“Over Charles River and Through My ‘Hood”

“Season of Lights” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2021

“Over Charles River and Through My ‘Hood”

Over Charles River and Through My ‘Hood

To Pleasant Pup Inn we go

Thawed Turkey


Thankfulness merry go round

Open the oven and braise the bird

To a crispy golden brown

Browning rolls

Well-fed souls

Family happiness found

2021 · Poems · Poemvember 2021

“Dog Tired”

“Perro Cansado” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2021

“Dog Tired”

I’m goddamned dog tired

Tired of hearing people complain

Tired of the ugly humanity shines

Tired of spinning up the notions

Sleep perchance to mean

Meaning meanness to mean

Tired of humanity ugly

I’m goddamned dog tired

Excuses, subterfuge, obscure truth

Objective truth is hindered by self-important sacks of skin

Hubris in excess

Hubris the only value

That, and pointing out flaws in others

No solutions,

Just more judgments

I am more moral than you, if I can show how immoral you are

Relative truth

My truth

What a fucking laugh

We tell jokes and don’t even realize how crazy we are

Projection is the post modern salve


2021 · Poemvember 2021 · poetry

“Starbucks Cuck”

“Starbucks Cuck” 

Whatchoo mean, you got no cream?

Whip my order venti plenty.

Some lovely leveled burning sips,

Scald java-loving gentry.


Cinnamon flakes and power shakes,

Compacted grinds deeper still,

Steamed milk under constant threat,

Adding funds for each refill.


Caution contents extremely hot,

Slapping refrigerator panels,

Urban workforce lines the queue,

Doc Martens, Carhartts, flannels.


My taut tall grande pressed to your lips.

Simple sweets dance on your tongue.

A sheath at once contains the heat,

Until the cuppings done.


Sanctimonious bean baristas,

Scraping fluffy foam from off your top.

Compels some blushing fashionistas,

To request the special heady froth.


Gaining purchase on convenience,

Paying forward for free use.

Instant rewards for disobedience,

Begets mistakes that reproduce.


Poseidon’s Triton furrowed schism,

Safe within the harbor docks.

Climb aboard and find the rhythm,

Opening Pandora’s Box.


Like Seattle seaman rounding Puget Sound,

Just a sippin’ simp that’s short on luck.

Pounding waves against your bow,

A standard bearing Starbucks cuck.


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