“Tease Nap”

“Blank-etiquette” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Tease Nap”

Tease nap…

Where you at?


The rest of.

Quiet place,

Hat on face.

A clandestine siesta.

As quick to fall,

Awake enthralled.

Not sure of century,

Or location.

Dried saliva,

Snooze expired.

Waking so exact.

Not a chance,

To expand.

It was just a tease nap.


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Been trying to play,

But it’s been glitching.

Scratch my gamer’s,

False convictions.

Busted controller,

Demands contrition.


Headphones high,

Track lights low.

Reset game,

Because it froze.

Gamers from not long ago,

Blow cartridges, Nintendo.

Sonic, Zelda, Mario.


Sixty-four byte,

Point of view.

PC, Mac, XBox too.

Switch the Station,

Or Play?

GameCon is here in May


Playing for ten hours straight.

Leroy Jenkins changed our fate.

Gamers, game on.


But, it’s still glitching,


Testing gamer’s false convictions.

“The Delight Of An Evening Park”

“Parking” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“The Delight Of An Evening Park”


Skeeters abuzz

Ambient activity


Off again

The day’s festivity


To childhood’s

Primal proclivity…

To make each day last as long as possible

“Train Crush”

“Lost Opportunity” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Train Crush”

She was attractive in an unconventional way.

I surprised myself by realizing it was all I needed.


Big boned magnificent.

Exuding softness.

And, depth.

Reading an important book.

Curiosity ran roughshod through my veins.

The gravity she contained pulled me past being a conscionable being.

I channeled the gumption to open my mouth.

Before I uttered a word,

She said, “Hi.”


“Corner Clover” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019


What I wouldn’t do,

To wake up next to you,

To kiss your exposed neck.

No passion held in check

Throw caution to the wind.

My beating heart begins

And all because of you,

Living life most true.

You seed my exposed rows,

And dormant feelings grow.

I need you near to me,

Why can’t I make you see?

My life before is through,

Now I live for only you.

You wound me with a glance,

Give this humble man a chance.

You act aloof despite my clues,

Look again, at breaking news.

Please give yourself to me.

I’ll await so patiently.

You and I were meant to be,

Why can’t I make you see?

My life before is through,

Now I live for only you.