“Sheet Cover” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020


Lost my place

Amber alert

The rope and bucket fell down the well

How can I reach down deep within me now?

That place where the all gathers

That place that feeds the essence of me

Down there amongst the darkness

I count on it


“Hey Scallywag ‘ Varmint’” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020


What is this waking hurry?

Ripped from tender slumber

Cold water and steam

Socks blue or black?

Transit app announcing bus arrival

One minute


Did I lock the door?

Overcrowded system

Cologne and unwashed essences

Compact anxiety

Headed to death

One delay at a time

“You Have Big Cereal Ideas”


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“You Have Big Cereal Ideas”


Sometimes when I go to the store

I get big cereal ideas

My wife recognized this phenomenon

And when I first heard her say it I took offense

As I’m very sensitive about my big cereal ideas being called into question

She said, “You have big cereal ideas.”

Upon reflection, I thought that such a phrase might make a good poem

So now,  when I go to the store

I remain ambitious about big cereal ideas

And I sneak an unusual selection into my cart

I pay at the register and bring it home

And when I sort the groceries

The unusual selection has a way of lingering on the table

And ultimately is discovered by my wife

Who then shakes her head

Because, she knows me better than I know my own intentions




Wanton Wants

“Wanton Wants

Underneath the surface

Resides my true intent

Kissing madly madly

Hushed proximal breath

Leaning into it


The sense of you and I

Culminates in sins chosen

Lost in galaxies,

You call eyes

Excited eve electric

Desire for insides

Insights new arrival

Forbidden by design

High hanging fruit from your garden,

Your basket of delights

I’d trust a serpent ‘fore an Angel

If you gave me one long night

Press, yes press against me

Find my heartbeat

Drive me wild

You brought a constant deep desire

When you hit me with that smile