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“Collection Agency”

“Collection Agency” Raking up the first piles of fallen leaves, The disturbed earth smells musky medicinal. Orangish browns arranged chaotically. Some stubborn leaves are pierced by rake tines and remain regardless of how hard they are shaken. Crisper air condescends, And foretells of winter…

“Caught Within the Unhighlighted Cell of a Unsaved Spreadsheet”

“Caught Within the Unhighlighted Cell of an Unsaved Spreadsheet“ Sitting in my cell, Waiting for something to happen. Surrounded by intimidating figures. I was cut from my place and put here. Others, have been transformed by what is called a “formula”. But, that hasn’t…

40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 38 – Haiku Humpdays: “East Versus West Coast”

“East versus West Coast” East versus West Coast. Sensibility so close. Liberalism


“Flood” Interrupting the flow, Habitual ticks. Compulsive actions. Who profits? Alone and alone, Adrift at sea. Well versed, in the art of anxiety. Wandering mind, Focus wanes. Running in place, Zero gains. Oh, to dance majestic across a rainbow. And look back at the…

40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 39 – “The Torrid Tale of Mattie T-Rex”

  “The Torrid Tale of Mattie T-Rex” Mattie T-Rex is a party animal. He isn’t particularly short, Nor, excessively tall. He stands guard at the top of a North Shore hill, And watches people come and go. he’s witnessed, plenty of awkward first dates, with tennis…

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