“Dark Reflection” ©️C.P. Hickey 2018


Chasing me day after day.

Short nights, you go away.

Longer in stature, and light.

Vanish at onset of night.

Conscientious conscience to scale.

With sunlight comes your reveal.


“Scratch Roulette”

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“Scratch Roulette”

A dry scratchy itch,

Transcends skeletal etiquette.

Just, can’t, get…


I think it’s like one of those situations when someone mentions something,

And then your imagination goes full tilt.

Like school emails sent home indicating a confirmed case of lice at school.

It starts small at first, but then you get the skeevy shivers, and scratch all over.

Even though you don’t have lice.

Or bedbugs, or fleas.

Just a phantom menace.


And only dispatched by the satisfaction of fingernails breaking skin.

“Forced Busing”

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“Forced Busing”

The smoothness of a bus pole,

And I hang on, hang on.

The suspicion of a fellow traveler,

And I hang on, hang on.

The patience of a red light,

And I hang on, hang on.

The arrival at the depot,

And I get off, get off.



Somewhere near the seashore,

Apollonia hedges bets.

She views the dusking sky,

While casting fishing nets.

Waning lights swim majestic,

And escape to nowhere planes.

The silt of swelling tides,

Unfolds beneath the waves.

Yet, sweet, sweet Apollonia,

Takes all of it in stride.

Neck craning ever skyward,

Seeking miracles that hide.

Celestial lights appearing,

Marking distant stars.

Imagination daring,

Captures yearning hearts.

Expansion of the cosmos,

The backdrop of the night.

A celestial bacchanalia,

‘Til the early morning light.



Photo Courtesy of E. Vickery

“Glory Hole 71”

Don’t know what’s more surprising?

That there is such a thing as Glory Hole 71, or that it is implied at the very least, that there are 70 other glory holes.

Of course, I’ve heard of such things, but I never knew they were numbered.

It might be useful to have a Glory Hole numbered.

At bare minimum, if you were trying to keep track of things, it could be helpful.

Why is glory commodified, and why is it distributed at numbered holes?

Who benefits?

Can a Glory Hole ever be filled?

Or does it just remain open?

These are the things I consider when I contemplate all 71 Glory Holes.

G-L-O-R-Y, H!

Glory Hole 71, somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle, perhaps somewhere adjacent to 70 other Glory Holes.

It’s enough to make you wonder.