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POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 27:“Tintinnabulation”

Tintinnabulation rings out
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Marcella


Tin, tin, tinny,

Ring a swinging bell.

Above in a cupola,

Or, at a wishing well.

A peal of bells,

Ringing all eight.

Five thousand changes,

Sound waves, fluctuate.

A casual warning,

From bike handlebars.

A gas station calling,

From gas-guzzling cars.

The sound travels swiftly,

And ends in an ear.


Oft hangs in the air.

Angel wing indicator,

A storefront alarm,

Salvation Army builds biceps,

From bell-swinging arms.

Ring, ring, ringy,

The sound of a bell.


Poe’s term echoes well.



A special thank you goes out to my friend Lisa Spardel Krol. She always seems to find the right word to challenge me when I do these month-long poetry projects. She allowed me to roll two of my favorite things into one: Poe and Poetry. I also learned something new, as I had never focused on the term tintinnabulation until now. I expect to be newly challenged whenever I move into my next project.

Poemvember 2018, is a month long poetry project where colleagues, friends, and associates volunteer a word or phrase, which I in turn fashion into a poetical response. I have great fun exploring all the possibilities that are volunteered, and enjoy collaborating with people whether they are writers, poets, or readers.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the remaining three days of the project, which will soon to be followed by a new month long project: The ProCrasstheNation.com Advent Calendar Blog. Give me a month, and I’ll give you 25 Mysterious Decorative Doors. What awaits behind each day’s door? Well, you’ll have to click the door links to find out. Please join me for what promises to be a fun month of poems, stories, and a few Christmas Surprises.

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