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“A Long Musk”

“A Long Musk” Let’s go down to that secret place. That place where you can be who you want to be. Who you are? Where we can revel in the glory of attraction and anticipation. Bated breath. Sweat. Chest to breast. Bold biology. Fulfillment….

The Audacity of Mold

Another short story: “The Audacity of Mold” Ted’s sanctuary was under siege every time it rained. He yawned and considered calling the landlord as he looked at the darkening panel above his bed. The roof damage was extensive, and what had started as a…

My Life with PTSD & Bipolar

Mental Health Matters


Blue Fences

The Vile Mint

Poetry, Short Stories and Violent Ideas

Life, As Kevy Michaels

Transformed By Meeting That Which I'm Not

Sharmaji's Solutions

Unique Answers To All Kinds of Questions

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