“Drawing Down, Dead Down”

“Drawing Down, Dead Down”

Back at Christmastime,

I dined at midday,

On the winter solstice,

With my work colleagues.

We wanted Ramen,

But, begrudgingly settled for pub fare due to long lines at the Ramen place.

Pubs provide listless people lists of listless choices.

I chose the Shepard’s Pie,

infused with lamb protein.

When choosing from a listless list,

Authenticity seems important.

At least, in that moment.

But, fuck, it falls flat.

Just another pretentious misadventure,

Whereby, my dish provides all discomfort and no comfort.

The meat tasting as if simmered in a Dutch Oven with flakes of junkyard rusted automobile bodies.




Not my best chew.

Thank Christ for the bread. Slathered with as much butter as a teensie-weensie butter basket can provide.

Next year,

I’ll wait in the Ramen queue for however long it takes.

“You Put The Seattle In Sleepless”

“You Put The Seattle In Sleepless”

Sobering sobriety tugs at the ease of rest.

All the dominoes are set out,

Well, almost.

All it takes is the slightest wrong move,


You will need to set out to reset the tipped over bricks.

All over again.

That’s why it pays to be careful.

On the other hand,

It sure can be fun watching all the dominoes fall.


“While Flowers” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019


Sometimes a deadline approaches

And I’m indifferent.

Other times,

I rip my hair out and pace.

I can never tell just which way I’ll be.

The only thing that’s sure:

When the deadline passes,

I’m relieved until the next deadline approaches.

“Being Alone”

“Lonesome Dove” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Being Alone”

Being Alone,

Not half as bad,

As being alone while with someone else.

There is no together in that.

Just inordinate pressure.

Diamond pressure.

I wonder if people suffer together,

Not knowing of peace,

For fear of looking down loneliness lonesome alone.

Tandem time travelers suspended in gravity.

Until old stars go supernova.

What a cold show.

What a cold show.

“Take A Seat”

“Take A Seat” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Take A Seat”

Your whole life you’ve been told that you’re special.

You’re not.

Your whole life you’ve believed you’re meant for something greater.

You’re not.

Your whole life you’ve felt misunderstood.

You’re not.

You’re ego, wrapped in anxiety, wrapped in fear, wrapped in despair, clinging to hope.

A dangerous animal, caught in a trap.

Only willing to chew someone else’s leg off in order to get out.

Let it all go.

It’s the only way out.

But, you won’t.