Poems · Poemvember-November 2017

“No, nope, maybe?”

Here is the the Inaugural Poem of the ProCrasstheNation Poemvember Poetry Project. Thank you to all in advance for your collaboration, and a special thank you to my friend Lisa S.K. When you issue inspiring words, that somehow made me feel a certain way, but then got away from me, but then eventually returned. That becomes special and must be explored. Somehow, I think we all know the ineffable quality of the “No, nope, maybe?” processional process. I find myself in this predicament far too often.

Stay the course with me this month folks, this is gonna get good. You really only need one good eye to read my lines.  Also, an honorable mention to Bukowski for always getting to the quick, the marrow, the in-between between the in-between.

Life is good, but always be ready to laugh when a mule kicks a cigga-butt out of your mouth when you least expect it.

Carry on…


“Plake Snissken” © C.P. Hickey 2017


“No, nope, maybe?”


No, nope, maybe?

Turkey gravy,

dripping from the ladle.


Magazine perusing.

Arousal, confusing?

Third time spinning the dreidel.


There once was commitment,

whilst fencing equipment,

which a modular codpiece adorns.


Failure to launch,

lunch, dining on conch.

Kirk killed himself King of the Gorns.


Eating fried chicken,

with eye-patched Snake Plissken,

a great way to end a long day.


Rejoinders that sting,

are some people’s thing,

no matter what they might try to say.


Agnostic prowess,

penitent redress,

living from paycheck to paycheck.


The evil men do,

harms me and you,

leaving us stranded by shipwreck.


Chicago devoutly,

parting and pouting,

slick choices under the sun.


Divine is forgiveness,

never knowing spitefulness,

loving most, those we should shun.