“A Long Musk”

“A Long Musk”

Let’s go down to that secret place.

That place where you can be who you want to be.

Who you are?

Where we can revel in the glory of attraction and anticipation.

Bated breath.


Chest to breast.

Bold biology.


Elbows, lips, pliable flesh.

Pink, purple, red, mocha.

Salt kisses, fingers submerged.

Dainty fingertips gliding along the periphery.

Sweat, warm wetness.

Pushing through.



Breathless butterflies.

Connected solely through electric fingertips.

Fingerprints intermingle, DNA altered.

Traveling towards the event horizon, no reset.

Skillful ravaging.



Invasive intimacy.

Waves, waves, waves.

Eyes locked.

Final approach.

Hushed encouragements increase the urgency.

Swollen to a point of burst.

A civilization in its ascendency and decline, in one moment.

Palms slapping the top sheet.

Final advances assured.




No stopping the launch sequence.


Traveling up into and becoming one with the atmosphere.

Eventually escaping gravity, and floating.


A sweet reverie, wrapped in languid limbs and surrendered kisses.

An expanding universe that ends and begins in the loins of lovers searching for meaning.


A crowd has gathered.

Filling the room with crackly spontaneous noise.

This is the sound of fun, for sure.

Nervous anticipation, giving birth to a round recognition of concurrent and contagious laughter.

Everyone wants to be in on the joke.

Old friends, new friends, and even strangers.

This is the symphony of living.

The music of a crowd, plays happily from soul to soul.

Sweeping all into its wake.

Turning feelings into an ocean of emotion,

Spreading choice vibes in all directions.

Just think of how lonely quiet it will be when the crowd disperses.