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“Hickarado Incorporated”

“Hickarado Incorporated” Thirteen years of friendship. Partnered by choice. Three testaments to teamwork. A dog, a girl, two boys. A house once, now a home. A barking business in the wings. School runs and droopy diapers. Life’s marrow, these little things. Regardless of the…

“Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten MBTA Transit Travelers One Encounters in Boston”

Here is a list of the Top Ten MBTA Transit Travelers One Encounters In Boston 10. The Not Me – most people you encounter on public transit are of “The Not Me” variety. They do not want to have anything to do with you….

“A Long Musk”

“A Long Musk” Let’s go down to that secret place. That place where you can be who you want to be. Who you are? Where we can revel in the glory of attraction and anticipation. Bated breath. Sweat. Chest to breast. Bold biology. Fulfillment….

Axiom # 81,117

“Some of the best people in the world laugh when others disapprove of laughing.”_Thus spoke Ghostnutstra 8/11/17


A crowd has gathered. Filling the room with crackly spontaneous noise. This is the sound of fun, for sure. Nervous anticipation, giving birth to a round recognition of concurrent and contagious laughter. Everyone wants to be in on the joke. Old friends, new friends,…

My Life with PTSD & Bipolar

Mental Health Matters


Blue Fences

The Vile Mint

Poetry, Short Stories and Violent Ideas

Life, As Kevy Michaels

Transformed By Meeting That Which I'm Not

Sharmaji's Solutions

Unique Answers To All Kinds of Questions

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