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Waiting in Good Faith

“Terrain” ©️C.P. Hickey 2021

“Waiting in Good Faith”

It happened again

A summer not as planned

Bug bites in the single digits

Sunburns of no consequence

Waiting for something else



Hoping certain certainties avoid

Protecting those we love from life

And the harm of thoughtless folks

Libertines have become civil libertines

And exact destruction

When passing through the self-checkout line

Not wanting to wait in long lines

Circumventing the gradual path


People die from the consumption

But, not that consumption

Animals of learned habits

Bad habits

Stain the narrative

A story told


A selling sexy self-lies

That only we ourselves believe

To get to the next instance

Where choice

Or, it’s illusion

Stammers, sputters, and relents

Waiting for a break

Waiting in good faith



“Treebeard” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2021


Roots red riot

Reaching up into a stratosphere

Wagging straw doodles

An itch not scratchable

Forming a Bedouin burning bush

Pandemic nettles preventing tight seals

Masking my contempt of you, at you

There isn’t a light apparent at the end of this tunnel

Nowhere to go but up


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“Stripped of Memory”

“Light Lit” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2021

“Stripped of Memory”

The memory of this place consigns its pain to me

A bunch of grapes plucked off,

Empty sprigs form quiet stress

Place-holding taunts and barbs,

The burnt toast ghost of treasured anticipation

Who will remember what I can’t?

When I can no longer bear witness

Such is the narrative:

A leaf blows off a bridge

After having been stuck

And dances the air

Until it comes to float on restless waters

Carried away to be counted among other forgetful forgottens

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“The Misery Of Society”

“Claw D” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020

“The Misery Of Society”

The misery of society

Resides in sobriety

Of peer pressure sanctioned

Social media propriety

The goal is correction

By way of projection

Behavior game wardens

Chastising selection

What causes offense?

Despite the events

Or mind’s eye abstraction

Devoid of pretense?

A champion scolder

A high holy roller

Supposing to know

All that is kosher

Here is the trick

Mister Etiquette

The perception of correction

Is solely your shtick

A word to the wise:

Should be no surprise

Keep your thoughts to yourself

We don’t need your advice

Nor do we need

On all thoughts to agree

I’ll say what I like

Despite your unease

The misery of society

Resides in sobriety

Of peer pressure sanctioned

Social media propriety

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“The World Is Ripe Fucking Madness”

“The World Is Ripe Fucking Madness” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2020

“The World Is Ripe Fucking Madness”

The world as seen from a half-baked moon

Often appears innocuous

In truth, it is besought with ruin

Contradictory ideas imponderous

Sages and mystics shouted down

The mob’s will absolute

Traveling through a wounded world

Holding hard to ignored truths

Lonely, lonely common sense

Is commonly uncommon

Withdrawn within self-defense

A disillusioned Brahmin

Floating in the cosmic void

A world ripe with fucking madness

As others nurture schadenfreud

Most end swallowed up by sadness