“Where Has The Beauty Gone?”

“Staying Within The Lines” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020

“Where Has The Beauty Gone?”

Where has the beauty gone?

Places unknown?

Streets less traveled,

Wandering home.

The quiet of less,

Ringing about.

Single travelers,

Covered up mouths.

Pausing at windows,

Missing the touch.

Visible presence,

For now—it’s enough.

Responsible others,

Well-being depends.

Social distance discretion,

Long distance friends.

A return to the simple,

At times complex.

Gathering together,

A human reflex.

Entered introspection.

Use this time well.

Emerge from this stasis,

And keep others well.


“Sheet Cover” ©️C.P. Hickey 2020


Lost my place

Amber alert

The rope and bucket fell down the well

How can I reach down deep within me now?

That place where the all gathers

That place that feeds the essence of me

Down there amongst the darkness

I count on it


“Corner Clover” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019


What I wouldn’t do,

To wake up next to you,

To kiss your exposed neck.

No passion held in check

Throw caution to the wind.

My beating heart begins

And all because of you,

Living life most true.

You seed my exposed rows,

And dormant feelings grow.

I need you near to me,

Why can’t I make you see?

My life before is through,

Now I live for only you.

You wound me with a glance,

Give this humble man a chance.

You act aloof despite my clues,

Look again, at breaking news.

Please give yourself to me.

I’ll await so patiently.

You and I were meant to be,

Why can’t I make you see?

My life before is through,

Now I live for only you.

“Cast Your Iron This”

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“Cast Your Iron This”

Iron man, holds heavy pan.

Sizzle and a griddle.

Eggs and bacon,

Campers waken,

Hissing from the middle.

Tasty morsels, full endorsements.

Cooking up the goodies.

No rejecting,

Plates accepting,

Heaping spoons bring good eats.

Iron wool, a pocketful.

To scrub a dirty pan.

Scour here,

And over there.

A regular pioneer man.

“The Liberty Of Confinement”

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“The Liberty Of Confinement”

Gainful employment.




Credit card debt.

Credit card, death.


Unplanned parenthood.


Sinful enjoyment.




Sleep number bed.


Consumer dread.




Obstacle illusion.

Suffice it to say,

A long time confinement,

Operating from within the mind,

Of patient zero.

Never aware of which end is up.

Give me the liberty of confinement.

Give me the liberty of death.