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Succumbing To It

I meet her mouth and taste her lips.

Cough medicine kisses.

Lingering, fluid and staunch.

Stretching, compressing, retching, professing, ingesting.

Her taut skin contains a map of a place I’d never been.

My soul weighs more at death because my life insisted upon hoarding hardened happenstances.

I pushed my luck when engaging chance, a mistake that has sown happiness.

Although, in truth, I didn’t try that hard.

I just pressed for my due and proper.

Time passed me by, indifferent to my weak gravity.

I drain slowly into her, and allow what little force I have left to ebb.

Her eyes, windows through which I’m seen, but can’t view past.

They turn me inward and I feel the seer of a hot volcanic blue conscience.

She brings me to the edge, then slowly over.

It’s in this instant, that I realize I have been on both sides all along.

I just couldn’t see it.

My last kiss, better than the first, will forever put me at odds with fulfillment.

Chasing a myth that became my reality.

Heroine ain’t got nothing on the eternity of the void.