I really can’t help myself.

I apologize for gawking.

I couldn’t help but notice,

your new compression stockings.

Peaking out the bedspread cover,

your smoothed arches do delight me.

Compacted calves I’d love to grab,

wrapped up nice and tightly.

The way your restless legs shift,

causes my yearning heart to lift.

So, let me palm your heel and toe.

No one here, has to know.

A small massage, no grand gesture.

My gentle hands might just impress ya.

I promise you,we won’t get caught,

I’ll even rub your plantar wart.

Compression stockings, my only kink?

Grannie Panties, are another thing.

So next time you visit Nana,

beware my creepy bedside manner.

When people look, they see MD,

and not my odd proclivity.