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“Chicken ‘N’ Rice”

“Chicken ‘N’ Rice” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2018

“Chicken ‘N’ Rice”

Chicken ‘N’ Rice,

A hearty rib-sticker.

Campsite burning blues,

Fired, flamed, flickered.

High hanging branch,

Beyond our reach,

Chosen funeral dirges,

Rest In Peace.

Crushing cold beers.

Chipmunk grabassin’.

Coffee percolator.

Wiffle ball blasting.

Sweaty gym shoes.

Off-site pub trip.

Sub-zero sleeping bags.

Tent flaps zipped.

Many cords of wood,

sitting at the ready.

Steak and Bush Beans.

Flatulence aplenty.

Camping Danforth Bay.

Fall air moving in.

Insulated sleeping bag,

Zipped up to my chin.