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“Raised Stakes”


40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 13 – “Breakneck Speed”

“Breakneck Speed” It’s funny how teaching your kids to ride a bike, can start with death. Training wheels squared, upon a flat cement space. Enclosed from busy streets. Helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads. Just put them on the bikes, and go. Around the…

40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 12 – “Dappled Spectacle”

“Dappled Spectacle” We lived on the second floor growing up. The sounds of neighborhood proximity danced through the screens and curtain sheers on sunny shadowed mornings. The aliveness of the day pulled us out of our sweaty summer beds, and coaxed us out, out….

40/40: July/August Poetry Project

Starting 7/23/18


“Ago” Electric purple travels my skin. Thinking of past promises whispered. Excitement to the point of an anxiety attack. Perspiration delivers me undone. Hanging on the suggestion of a validation. Your choices maneuvered me into this second life. Living purple electric, until the batteries…


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