2023 · Fall Poem

“A Proportional Fall from Grace”

“A Proportional Fall from Grace”

Coffee beans roasted to perfection

Patience paying off in some measure

The most welcome and most comfortable chill of Autumn

That can be handled with cozy blanket warmth

Looking for furnace noises with my ears

Metallic mechanisms and air tickety-tack and vibrate towards a low and sustained glow

Looking to toast the tips of toes peeking through shameful holes of worn-out socks

Myriad leaves get a whipping up red, get a whipping up yellow, and die in tornado dances looking both uniform and frenzied orange

Frost gaining momentary possession of glass surfaces

Then slowly sliding down as a weakening sun rises up

Up! Up! off a fire maize horizon

Seasonal smells advance as Canadian cold fronts push the remainder of Summer away to memory

Until we once again glow magnetic ablaze in the vernal majestic

Suspended somewhere in nature’s supreme transitional testimony to existence


“Fall Sheen”

“Fall Sheen” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Fall Sheen”

Damp colored trees

Wind severed leaves

Autumnal linger

The furnace agrees

Summer has ceased

Headed for winter

Awaken in dark

Desolate park

Apple orchards empty

Lichen tree bark

Horizons now stark

Pumpkin patch plenty

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“Fall Fire” ©️C.P. Hickey 2018

“Flaming Orange Leaves”

Flaming orange leaves,

Falling from the trees.

Autumnal release,

Aided by the breeze.

Flaming orange leaves,

Foliage conceit.

Branches out of reach.

Bunching up on streets.

Flaming orange leaves,

Flavored spice coffees.

Crunching all about.

Clogging gutter spouts.

Flaming orange leaves,

Festive hayride scenes.

Dipping temp degrees.

December frost kills bees.

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“Presiding” ©️C.P. Hickey 2018


There are sounds in graveyards.

Earthen sounds of sorrow and surrender.

Sonic suppositions and wailing gypsies.

Contemplative gorge.

Terror of impermanence.

An impasse, but not passive.

Hang around long enough and you train your ears to listen.

On the fringe of life, abutting, and right up against it.

A city of ruins, leading paths to a suburban eternity.

Invited patience sublimates itself to the alpha regret.

Sinister doubts press courage from beating hearts.

The busy silence teases out the denied emotions of Faustian bargains.

Legions of lifeless bones, marked by dust and stone.

A marathon sprint to stillness.

Perpetual motion, dispatched to be oblivion.

Authoritative immense silence speaking volumes to those not willing to look.

A distant buzz of lawn-grooming engines, drones on.

A lulling drone; consistent.

Cars passing by on the periphery, allowing measurable distance to be heard.

Rushing toward a graver situation.

Whistling past the graveyard.

Tenants without complaints, barely registering.

Rotting remains, animate the six-feet deep dioramas of death beneath our feet.

Worms, et al, explore yawning canvases.

A subterranean bacchanalia.

Mourner’s tears ant farm tunnels in the shoveled earth.

This offends the dead, but no one understands why?

Perhaps grief humors the living, despite the noise of the dead.

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“Windermere Plantigos”

“Windermere Plantigos”

Abutting a frenzy of dancing air,

Petals and leaves propel themselves still.

Potted points of oxygen emissions.

Nature dovetails with man made structures.

Breaking left and right,

Aboveish and belowish.

Invisible force,

Much like gravity,

But not as omnipresent.

A delicious chill leaks down my back and puckers my cheeks.

The time of seasonal consistency approaches its end.

Onward to the new death,

And dying things.

That somehow make it their business to appear at a later time.

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“Boston Fall Begins”

“Bench” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2018

“Boston Fall Begins”

Boston Fall begins in an understated way.

A small change in the air indicates

The approaching winter.

Sipping scalding water,

That was passed through crushed coffee beans,

Burns the lips and tongue in a friendly way.

How wonderful a find,

An empty bench becomes.

All the neighborhood dogs stop,

To make sure I’m not the Postman.

South End bustle makes me feel alive.

Colors are beginning to bend toward cozy.

A crispness dances through the wind.

Lots of people packing away their Summer dreams.

Readying for Winter’s sleep.

A slight reprieve from that stark passage.

Pull on a sweater and enjoy the bronzing skies.

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“Collection Agency”

“Loose Leaf Paper” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2018

“Collection Agency”

Raking up the first piles of fallen leaves,

The disturbed earth smells musky medicinal.

Orangish browns arranged chaotically.

Some stubborn leaves are pierced by rake tines and remain regardless of how hard they are shaken.

Crisper air condescends,

And foretells of winter bleak on the many mornings ahead.

Gathering the leaves into a Town Hall Meeting,

Where they might turn nostalgic for Summer swaying branches.

Then up a yard-waste receptacle.

Quite a spectacle.