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POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 13: “Wet Leaves Stop The Traffic”

“Wet Leaves Stop The Traffic” A friend texted that her morning train was delayed due to wet leaves on the tracks. I’ve heard most if not all the excuses the transit authority uses for poor service, but I agree with my friend: this is…

POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 12: “Day In Day Out”

“Day In Day Out” If I paddled upstream, I would remain in place. Everlasting lines at the grocery, Folks fighting tooth and nail over clipped coupons. The is no clear cut winner in that scenario despite whomever wins. Facebook comments are often misleading and…


“Presiding” There are sounds in graveyards. Earthen sounds of sorrow and surrender. Sonic suppositions and wailing gypsies. Contemplative gorge. Terror of impermanence. An impasse, but not passive. Hang around long enough and you train your ears to listen. On the fringe of life, abutting,…

“Falling Angel”

“Falling Angel” Sometimes I have a fear of great heights. Or, more accurately, a fear of falling from great heights. Or, more accurately, a fear of dying from falling from great heights. Sometimes. Dizzying vertigo, upward and further go, Into the clouds. Breathing breeds…

“Mushroom Trip Serendipity”

“Mushroom Trip Serendipity” Mushroom trip serendipity. Can feel the maze closing in on me. Each limb slips and further imprisons me. I can’t breathe. Closing elevator doors, Gas pump meter rolling on. Ran the stairs, And missed the top step. Catapulted into another day….

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23 years old girl travelling solo on a motorcycle.

Positive Side Of The Coin

Not just live and let live, but live and help live


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