“Tending To My Disappointment”




“Headed Off at the Passé” © C.P. Hickey 2018


“Tending To My Disappointment”


Tending to my disappointment,

tends to build resentment.


Presented with,

an alternative?


Salvation lives,

‘tween cultivated,



Like true lies,

that sanitize,



Reaching back,

far, far, back.

out the back,

of a used hatchback.


My conscience becomes a stowaway,

accountability thrown away.


Forever, indebted to wrongly attributed superlatives.

Do not forgive a spurious gesture.



always sells you,

gilded gifts and promised pleasure,

but, leaves you concrete pains.


Disappointment’s designation:


The flames of fear,

feed conflagration,

until there is nothing left but dismally disappointing ashes.

“Children’s Slotted Plates”



“Trolling Dishware” © C.P. Hickey 2017


“Children’s Slotted Plates”


Children’s slotted plates.

Children’s, slotted, plates!

You, are the bane of my existence.

Although, I soaked you overnight,

your stains still give resistance.

Little pockets seems so neat.

Squares for veggies.

Circles meat.

When in the sink soaking through,

you keep the knives obscured from view.

You slip from hands when caked in suds,

Dish towel dried for next usage.

Children’s slotted plates.

Children’s, slotted, plates!

You are the bane of my existence.