August 2017 Poems-31 Daze


We’re picking up steam. Already day 3 in a 31 day journey. Here is where I exercise poet’s prerogative, and choose to create a poem out of the sequence in which words were volunteered for this project. Brian Santos, apologies, but I will get to your controversial term (Universal Basic Income in the U.S.) on another day. We must know when to pick and choose a battle in the creative process, and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t push a poem. And so enters inspiration. Today, for Boston folk worshipping at the altar of Tom Brady, we know he is celebrating a 40th Birthday. TB12 for all intents and purposes is King of New England, and is often regarded as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). I thank Susan Konick for offering up today’s word GOAT. As I reflect on what makes a person great, I’m moved to write a poem about someone who I consider to be the greatest of all time, and I feel like Sue will be right there with me on this one.

Happy Birthday, Tom Terrific!


Started out small, like the rest of us.

Dreaming big.

Cut your teeth at the park.

Growing up in the Golden Age.

You set out on a path.

The fire was burning even then.

You worked hard.

Learned to keep your head down and move forward.





Putting others before yourself.

We all became winners when you did.

We all shared in the victories.

We all shared in the defeats.

Even when you were underestimated, and people didn’t understand your value.

You proved them wrong.

All of them.

The immeasurable metric of heart loomed large over every task.

Day in and day out you showed up.

You put in the work.

YOU, put in the work.

They said you couldn’t do it.

But, you did.

And, humbly.

A great person.

A role model.

A father.

A friend.



A long career.

Helping those around you succeed.

Taking less so that the team could thrive.

Suffering tough losses.

Making the best of what was at hand.

Watching others with less heart being given so much to succeed while you had so little.

No complaints.

Team first.

We all won when you were around.
All good things come to an end.

Your true value wasn’t known until you were done.

You left the game unexpectedly.

You still had some years in you.

You set the bar.

Consistency, dependability, selflessness,

Were all strengths.

The game goes on.

Life goes on.

The team goes on.

We mark your impact.

And remember what you gave day in and day out.

An example.

A model.

THE model.

We all won, because we witnessed you playing the game.

The beginning, the middle, the end.

Victory was ours.

The defeats were ours.


No greater love than bearing witness, and being touched by your greatness.

There is no doubt that you were a G.O.A.T.

The Greatest Of All Time.

TB12 could learn a thing or two from you PFH317.