August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Equality for All”


“Duck, Duck,…Goose!”  © C.P. Hickey 2017




Day 4 in this roll. My thanks go out to my fellow life traveler, and conscience, Sidick Mo. His generosity of spirit and willingness to commit to the higher ideals in life are a constant inspiration. Seems like a short lifetime ago when we met in Virginia. We’ve remained tethered through technology, and I appreciate his honest thinking and clarion call for a better world. Please enjoy…


“Equality for All”


Equality for all.

Equality for some.

Equality? Not at all?

Equality for none.



If just one individual,

Is treated differently.

The truth is unequivocal,

Textbook inequality.



Why should I?

Why should they?

Even try,

To have a say.




Conscious choice befits

An open hand to my brother.

We all benefit,

When, we elevate each other.



Worlds apart seem distant.

Far, too far to travel.

Remaining resistant,

Resolve will soon unravel.



Take a step toward something new,

A chance to affect change.

Step by step, me and you.

Can liberate restraints.




Heed my words, and give a lift,

To this suffocating pall.

Call for the Egalitarian gift:

Equality for all.