“Path” © C.P. Hickey 2017


I went up to the country with Effemine.

We brought a basket of wine and cheeses.

The sky was blue and well intentioned.

On the way to our spot, we got lost in the woods.

I found it, after some backtracking.

We took the wrong trail upon Effemine’s insistence.

I knew we were going the wrong way, but there was no use in making a fuss.

When we finally arrived to the clearing,

I spread the quilt out, just so.

We started to unpack our basket.

I grabbed her face in my hands and looked into her eyes with fierce love.

Then I kissed her hands tenderly.

Her countenance grew still, suddenly agitated.

Something seemed to be bothering my love.

She withdrew her hands from mine when she discovered that I forgot to pack the napkins. She cruelly admonished me for forgetting to pack them.

They were ivory colored and of a fine cloth, coveted by my sister.

I must have left them on the counter.

Effemine is quite particular about things.

I don’t like to get her angry.

Sometimes she ignores me for days.

The sky grew overcast, and the wind picked up.

Effemine’s bonnet came undone, and suddenly blew off her head.

I chased it to the riverbank, and cringed as it darted into the rolling water.

I looked back, Effemine was angrily pointing at the fleeing bonnet.

Without another thought I jumped into the river, even though I can’t swim.

With a few wild movements I came within reach of her hat, and before I could grasp it, it vanished below the surface.

I returned to the riverbank, much wetter than before.

Glaring, Effemine stood expectant.

Empty-handed I returned.

She said nothing, and kicked the wine bottle over, and violently picked up an end of the quilt overturning it.

I can only imagine how I looked to her, as I stood there soaked.

She turned about and made her way back to the path, as I hurriedly tried to gather all of our things.

The kisses of raindrops started to fall upon my wet skin.

Suddenly, I heard a shriek and a dull dud.

A short distance from me, my Effemine had fallen off of the path.

I ran as fast as I could to her side.

She was motionless, and face down.

I grabbed her up into my arms and rolled her over in one movement.


Upon her face resides the blankest and darkest stare I’ve ever witnessed.

Her eyes, lightless.

No breath from her lips.

Large swelling redness growing from her forehead to her temple.


Hot tears competed with the cold rain now falling.


I went back to the basket and grabbed the quilt, then returned to cover her before I left to get help.

My Effemine, lost her hat, then her life.

I lost, my Effemine.

There was nothing to do, nothing I could do.

No more.