“A Long Musk”

“A Long Musk”

Let’s go down to that secret place.

That place where you can be who you want to be.

Who you are?

Where we can revel in the glory of attraction and anticipation.

Bated breath.


Chest to breast.

Bold biology.


Elbows, lips, pliable flesh.

Pink, purple, red, mocha.

Salt kisses, fingers submerged.

Dainty fingertips gliding along the periphery.

Sweat, warm wetness.

Pushing through.



Breathless butterflies.

Connected solely through electric fingertips.

Fingerprints intermingle, DNA altered.

Traveling towards the event horizon, no reset.

Skillful ravaging.



Invasive intimacy.

Waves, waves, waves.

Eyes locked.

Final approach.

Hushed encouragements increase the urgency.

Swollen to a point of burst.

A civilization in its ascendency and decline, in one moment.

Palms slapping the top sheet.

Final advances assured.




No stopping the launch sequence.


Traveling up into and becoming one with the atmosphere.

Eventually escaping gravity, and floating.


A sweet reverie, wrapped in languid limbs and surrendered kisses.

An expanding universe that ends and begins in the loins of lovers searching for meaning.

August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Soul Mate”

Poem 13, is my lucky 13. Soul Mate, given over to me by Sue K. I know what it means to her, and what it means to me. Here is something that I’ve had kicking around over the years, that expresses the concept simply. No frills, just all matter-of-factly, like.  Dig it!


“Soul Mate” © C.P. Hickey 2015


“Soul Mate”

Life is but a dream,
From which I dare not wake.
Traveling down the stream,
Each moment mine to take.

I sought your love most true,
Each bend ahead to pass.
Never knew how love with you,
Could be the kind to last.

In spite of me you give,
And take less than your owed.
Your selfless acts do live,
In promised fields well sowed.

The sun appears in sky,
Darkness soon recedes.
This man is humbled by,
Your daily loving deeds.

If life is but a dream,
I bet my life to stake.
That life without you means,
A dream not worth its sake.


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Come Together…

Where, oh where to use juxtaposition?
Ideas unalike, mixed with some precision.
Usage and placement seem incongruent.
A clever pairing? A wondrous blueprint?
Seemingly hard, this venture befalling,
Opposite placement, can be enthralling.
Stating a point amidst misdirection.
Try it just once, welcome infection.


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What If ?



Fear of lust, on my mind.
I will bust, given time.
A steamy kiss, once in a dream.
Might be remiss, or so would seem.
If I relent, and sate desire,
Passion spent, building fire.
Pleasure bought, leads one astray.
Deny want, another day.
Sometimes lust, stifled now,
Enhances trust, but furrows brow.
Fearing lust, is fearing life.
Release, a must, inviting strife.