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“Leprechaun Eating Dog 🍀”

“Leprechaun Eating Dog 🍀“ Albert the Schnauzer, mouse rabble rouser. Loved walking on Emerald Hill. Had eyes like an eagle, the nose of a Beagle. Retrieved any item at will. Every March Seventeenth, he sharpened his teeth. Preparing for Leprechaun bones. If memory was…

“Canine Cares”

  “Canine Cares” Barking dog, please stop barking. The kids are willing to nap, but your insistent yipper-yapper, keeps them from quietude. It is not the mailman. It is not the oil man. You farted in your sleep and woke yourself up. Now you’re…

“Case of the Mondays”

“A Long Musk”

“A Long Musk” Let’s go down to that secret place. That place where you can be who you want to be. Who you are? Where we can revel in the glory of attraction and anticipation. Bated breath. Sweat. Chest to breast. Bold biology. Fulfillment….

“See! I can touch my nose with my tongue”

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