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40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 13 – “Breakneck Speed”

“Breakneck Speed” It’s funny how teaching your kids to ride a bike, can start with death. Training wheels squared, upon a flat cement space. Enclosed from busy streets. Helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads. Just put them on the bikes, and go. Around the…

40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 3 – “Dead Pool: An Exquisite Corpse”

  “Dead Pool: An Exquisite Corpse”   “There’s something wonderful about drinking in the afternoon. A not-too-cold pint, absolutely alone at the bar — even in this fake-ass Irish pub.”                            …

“My Tired”

“My Tired” My tired stretches outward, and underwhelms. Staunch narcoleptics, snoring pots and pans to beat the band. Slumber robs youth of steady confidence. Methodical metronome, cadence of an old age home, waiting to retire. Sweaty yellow pillowcases carry the weight of the world….


“ignominy” Idols fall at the fevered pace of fake news announcements. Ideas brand you as dangerous. Dialogue dry-well, drywalled in. Immovable position. Paralyzed by fear. Innocence becomes the lie it always was. Ignorance is heralded, especially when wrapped in arrogance and denial. There is…

“Not to be macabre, but…”

           “Not to be macabre, but…” I’m tired and unfinished, and I noticed, that when I thought of calling you, to kill time, I couldn’t. Because, you are dead. Then I thought of someone else, the same someone I always think…

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