“Darwin Award”

Photo courtesy of Evangeline Vickery



“Darwin Award”

The origin of a specious idea,

derives from instinctual fear.

What looks good, may not be true,

despite a proper point of view.

Fire will burn.

Water will drown.

Tide pods consumed,

will make you a clown.

Keep an eye on your friends,

the ones that aren’t with it.

Evolution’s concerned,

with punching their ticket.

Riding bikes without helmets,

tipping vending machines.

Driving overzealously,

pushing Physics extremes.

Watch when they do it,

they’re not self-aware.

The funeral director,

will tidy their hair.

Sad entertainment,

this battle of fates.

Natural selection,

favors dominant traits.

So don’t go for the gold,

or step over the line.

Death waits for those,

so dimly inclined.

Despite this advice,

which will not be heeded.

Carelessness has a price,

and won’t be defeated.

Survival of the fittest,

this gullible gentry.

Common ancestors abound,

beautiful deaths are aplenty.