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“Maybe, It’s Cold Outside”


“Maybe, It’s Cold Outside”



The horror of a dark breeze brings me low.


Waiting hard for mobile warmth to arrive.


Huddled in an exposed hovel.


Definitive shivers adorn my epidermis in spasmodic waves.


Measuring my plastic constitution.


Pushing me toward downward despair.


Deeply swirling through me, into the hardened earth.


Breathing breaths of strain and clean.


Affixed to bitter red-wrinkled, beard strewn cheekies.


Winter doesn’t happen up around you, it directly happens to you.


It is a kinetic seasonal sin; forever changing the life it disturbs.

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Cold it be,


Feet full freeze.

Plumber’s crack,

air gets in and out.

My hands are deadened.



Stalactite snots.

Car motor moaning,

making sounds no car should.

To bitch about the cold is divine.

New England pastime.

Lost my youth to cold’s prime.

I can’t feel my spine.


Deep frost.