“Invoking Karma”


“Invoking Karma”

Friday earbuds full of Bowie.

Let’s dance.

Slipping down the tracks, trancing.

Rhythm dancer.

Week summary devised instinctually.

The way lost.

Unworthy pilgrims, a-sea in doubt.

Raging, raging.

Waves on.

Noah collected the wrong amounts for the recipe.

It turned out rather dreadful.

“Virgin Vertical”


“Cutting Sky” © C.P. Hickey 2018

“Virgin Vertical”

Virgin vertical, rising lines.

Draw my gaze up to the skies.

Virgin vertical, climbing up.

Venti crumpled coffee cup.

Virgin vertical, ascending view.

Perspective lines misconstrued.

Virgin vertical, creating fear.

Vengeful vertigo, imbalanced ears.

Virgin vertical, dizzying feats.

Ledgers full of life’s defeats.