Poem 10 feels good. I don’t think I’ve ever posted ten days in a row, never mind ten poems in a row. Thank you to my former 8th grade Teacher Ms. Lisa M. I owe you a debt for the inspiration you gifted to me all those years ago. Thank you! I’m happy to have learned so much from you.  I hope you all enjoy this brief trip around the sun.


“Sunshine” © C.P. Hickey 2017


Sunshine fighting in the outline,

of conspicuous clouds.

Gathered energy,

Pelting passing places below.

Darting in and out.

Hide and seek.


Glanced in the periphery.

Taken for granted.

Shadows at play.

The hues are newer in this sky.

Newer than I have seen them.

Fresh eyes, new clouds.

Formation channeling el sol.

My soul,


Wrapped up and bathed in pixellated rays.

The sun always comes up.

The sun always goes down.

The sun.

The source.

Shining in a way Danny Torrance never could.

Perpetual. Perennial. Permanent.

Our sun’s light will travel to a far off place,

glimmering until it’s gone.

Shining shadows enveloped in an afternoon delight.

I go where it leads.

Always to tomorrow.

Rolling up out of the Atlantic Ocean,

Until it reaches heights and goals and dreams.

Guiding life as I know it.

Life, as I know it.

Let there be light.

Sunshine on me.



* “And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me, shine until tomorrow, let it be.”

*Lyric taken from the Beatles “Let It Be”_Lennon& McCartney




This project has 9 lives like a kitty kat. 9 Poems in 9 days. A rambling rant, that promises to increase my boldness and pushes me to keep promises I made while sober. As my friend the West Coast Bandit will attest, hollow promises are reserved for the evening of Hollow Gestures (to those of you not in the know, this is Thanksgiving Eve, when many return home and make grand promises to rekindle relationships and capture camaraderie that was never really there to begin with). Also, a hearty shout out and credit to Ben S. for suggesting this inspirational word. Gracias!

Enjoy this next offering of benevolent intention. It’s defining…





Unhinged Malevolence,

lives in a house of white.

Nightmares realized.

One after another.

The pace is relentless.

Buffoonery built in advance.


Others rejected.


Unhinged Malevolence,

will do its best to build a fence.

Reality questioned, truth denied.

Epitomized by one most despised.

Irrational calls to violence.

Divisive language makes no sense.

Mystifying Malfeasance Manager.

Bankrupting Hope.


Confirmed Liar.

The rube’s rube.



Not much use.

Entitled outsider.

Free press chider.

Climate change denier.

Mar-a-Lago mire.

Built upon a swamp.

Consequence free life.

A hero of the Pharma Bros.

Grabbing pussy.

Ad libbing like a vulgar vulgarity.

Vain, despite the contradiction.

The secret of powerful men is that they surround themselves with people that cannot tell them they are assholes.

The worst that money can buy.

False pride, makes up for large smallnesses.

Hands-on, but can’t hold much.

Orange crush.

Stiffing the help.

No wages for jobs done.

Litigious lapper.

Impotent, irascible, irritable, idiocy.

The most false idol to date.

Handing the keys to the kingdom to someone ill suited, and incapable of possessing the bandwidth or intellectual curiosity to seek out help from any and all resources at their disposal.


Tweets of terror.

Misinformed misantrope.

Unhinged Malevolence.

Sowing, evil, hate, hatred, indignity, malice, and enmity,

Among our enemies and friends.

Everyone is waiting for someone else to do something.

Someone else better get a jump before Unhinged Malevolence delivers us to antiquity.

We can do better.