Axiom # 20,170,711

“We aren’t here to enable each other in strengthening the fantasies we hold of our perceived realities. But, perhaps, to challenge those perspectives, instead, with as much compassion and empathy we can muster when staring stark inconvenient truths in the face. Life is hard for everybody, everybody.”_Thus spoke Ghostnutstra_11_7_17

“Repealing the 2nd Amendment”

The 4th Poem in the ProCrasstheNation Poemvember Poetry Project comes from the West Coast, the left, sometimes right, mostly right. Brian James you put the C in controversial. Consider my balls busted.  I don’t have the energy (ask LM about poem 3). Here is that voodoo haiku that I do. Short and to the point. As long as it’s not a pointed gun.

“Triggered” © C.P. Hickey 2017



“Repealing the 2nd Amendment”

Gun violence, sucks.

Please kill others with big guns.

Not unarmed people.


Poem number 3 in the ProCrasstheNation Poemvember Poetry Project came to be inspired by friend Lisa Marie. Energy is grand, especially when you possess it. Seems like most times it possesses you,


“Lunar Escape” © C.P. Hickey 2017


Kinetic, prophetic,

sport drink diuretic.

Consuming energy to win.


Cobble your vices,

to a wall rack of spices

and sport an ol’ shit-eating grin.




Expanding the void.

Dark matter the glue of all glues.


Patently despising,

cold event horizon.

Perceived and destroyed,

and consumed.


Potential, kinetic,

late stage diabetic.

Cooking your skag on a spoon.


Stifle the pain,

via first inward vein.

Floating on clouds unapproved.


Fire, electric,

competing reflective.

A compass to lead you to truth.


A water diviner,

went welling inside of,

a quaint meadow valley below.


Could never relent,

despite ending up spent.

Never exceeding the sum of its parts.


Listen, that humming.

Vibrational shuffling.

Energy effigy gold.