Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 47 “Shower Curtain”

“Shower Curtain” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Shower Curtain”

Oh! Shower curtain.

I hate it when you stick to my thigh.

I just soaped up my other half,

Now, you soil my clean side.

Grody, gross, gaunt grotesque.

Cleaning superstition.

Your mildew sheen transferring,

To dermis moist and glistening.

This shower is taking way too long.

My shower curtain, wrath.

The next time I need to clean,

I’ll opt for a whore’s bath.

Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 45 “Blades And Graves”

“Blades And Graves” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Blades And Graves”


I often walk by sections of grass,

With my hand out.

The grass tickles my palm and fingers.

I try not to break the blades.

Trying to catch the tangible delicate concrete things.


Too often, I’ve walked by a loved one’s coffin,

With my hand out.

The coffin resists my pressure.

I try to not let it break me.

Trying to catch the tangible monstrous abstract things.


Gentle, and harsh things.

Touching, life and death.






Meaning and meaninglessness.

Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 43 “There Is A Roar In Your Sudden Silence”

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“There Is A Roar In Your Sudden Silence”


There is a roar in your sudden silence

But, that silence does not last

My blue eyes became bluer due to you

A heroine on all counts

Perfected in sharing a heart for the betterment of all

Your lines strike lightning

And give life to imagination

Ardent, strident writer

Giving over so much

No, there is no such thing as sudden silence, in death

Not when words roar eternal

As your words do

Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 42 “I’m Tired Of The Crowd”


“I”m Tired Of The Crowd”


I’m tired of the crowd.

I’m tired of the crowd mentality.

I’m tired of the rich.

I’m tired of the legislators in their pocket.

I’m tired of the judges in their pocket.

I’m tired of pundits.

I’m tired of liars.

I’m tired of complainers.

I’m tired of people thinking they are special.

I’m tired of entitled people.

I”m tired of people calling out shitty behavior in others, and then being caught behaving as shitty themselves.

I’m tired of men.

I’m tired of women.

I’m tired of the racists.

I’m tired of the people calling everything racist, even when it isn’t.

I’m tired of people making up words to categorize each of us, to further divide us.

I’m tired of expecting the base level of civility from people, and not getting it.

I’m tired of how selfish we’ve all become.

I’m tired of how the government works for itself, and not its constituents.

I’m tired of the victims becoming bullies, and then in turn bullying others.

I’m tired of the crowd.

I’m tired of people that make excuses.

I’m tired of people that scapegoat.

I’m tired of the illusion of truth being expounded.

I’m tired of tears.

I’m tired of people with equality on their lips but revenge in their hearts.

I’m tired of abject ignorance denying the truth of the past.

I’m tired of society.

I’m tired of the news media.

I’m tired of the social media.

I’m tired of everyone being offended.

I’m tired of everyone being coddled.

I’m tired of everyone lacking empathy.

I”m tired that conversation, dialogue, and logic are all things of the past.

I’m tired of quick hot takes based on hearsay and bias being treated as universally acceptable.

I’m tired of people being discourteous.

I’m tired of sarcasm.

I’m tired of snark.

I’m tired of people without talent or soul being lifted up in place of teachers, first-responders, nurses, librarians, etc.

I’m tired of suffering fools.

I”m tired of people lacking common sense.

I’m tired of you.

I”m tired of me.




I’m so fucking tired of the crowd.


Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 41 “Pithy-Pathy Abernathy”

“Pathy” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Pithy Pathy Abernathy”


Pithy Pathy Abernathy,

Possessed a compact gait.

He walked on unknown paths,

In a semi-heightened state.


Getting lost, his prime directive.

Often, being found.

A whisper of muttered invectives,

For an unobservant crowd.


One time, when on a walkabout,

He somehow lost his way.

No one heard a single shout,

And found him dead the next day.


Compass, breadcrumbs, GPS.

A lesson to be learned?

Pithy-Pathy Abernathy;

Gambled wrong on that last turn.



I wonder what would have happened if Abernathy turned here, instead?

Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 40 “Compliant Complaints”

“Lights at Collossus” © C.P.Hickey 2019


“Compliant Complaints”


I don’t meant to bother you.

Is now a good time to share my view?

It’s not my fault…

I promise you.


After all that I’ve been through,

Would it be okay to speak with you?

It’s not my fault…

A moment is all I need of you.


I’m really sorry to impose.

Bothering you with tales of woe.

It’s not my fault…

Can you suppose?


I didn’t mean to take your time.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

It’s not my fault…

Forgive my nervous pantomime.




I’m so so sorry to ask again, but have you checked out Summertime Rhymes?















Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 39 “Subtle Summer Wind”

“Subtle Summer Wind”

Oh, the respite of a summer breeze in the shade

So refreshing, rendering ahhhs and sighs

Brief interjections

Straining to resist the scope of sun powering through plush cotton clouds

The glory of a summer day

Lasting for a moment, and forever

Until the late dusk creeps upon the tired

And, turns the shadows of today into dreams of many tomorrows

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Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 38 “Lord Lapis Lazuli”

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“Lord Lapis Lazuli”

A magical pebble

A miniature earth

A curious wonder

An object of mirth

An old pirate plunder

A necklace tenant

A wee crystal ball

A relic remnant

Blue dancing dazzles

Capturing light

Coveted by damsels

A global delight

Looks like paint mixture

A bountiful beauty

A jewelry case fixture

Lord Lapis Lazuli

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SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 37 “Prefer What You Prefer”

“Lovely” © C.P. Hickey 2019


“Prefer What You Prefer”


Like what you like.

Simple, it seems.

Others, for spite,

Crush people’s dreams.


Projection, deflection,

Harbored jealousy.

Small-minded folks,

Persist endlessly.

Leave people alone.

Mind your own way.

To each their own,

Cast aside shame.

Know thine own self.

To no one defer.

Be of good mental health,

And, prefer what you prefer.

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