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“Craigslist Gist, or Squirt Guns – Some New Some Used”

    “Craigslist Gist, or Squirt Guns – Some New Some Used” Antique bureau Sofa bed Free kids step stool Free Hooked on Phonics Master Reader FREE moving boxes (approx. 15+) & some packing materials Beach umbrella for free! Canon PowerShot Digital Elph for…

“Charging Wanton”

    “Charging Wanton”   Awoke at the back door. Forearm all numb. Dried drool-crust pillow, opposable thumb.     Attacking the shower. Urinate in the drain. Fogged mirror opacity, bookmarking past pain.   Remote rusty razor, catching my chin. Bleeding profusely. Original sin.  …

“Lap Belly”

      “Lap Belly”   Port, sherry, lap belly. Rigor mortis, snort. Spider plants, slow dance, corporate Voldemort. Dill pickle, Cole Trickle, Scientology. Breastplate, sulfate, all apologies. Checkout line, unrefined, disability. Congress, unimpressed, lacks integrity. Blowup doll, on-call, skinny jeans wedge. Neo-nazi punks…

“Train Stations & Reparations”

“Train Stations and Reparations” Young man! Young man!Entering the train.Play me a song of a piano man.Is it possible to turn up the volume?The folks in the first car can’t hear your portable speaker.Even though, we all can on this car.I’ve never witnessed such…

“Open-Air Gondola”×1350/attractions-and-activities/gondola/gondola.ashx?h=1350&w=2400&hash=610B2104901784A25F4572BEA80460383F1C218A   “Open-Air Gondola” Open-Air gondola, we’re really quite fond of ‘ya. You get us from base camp to peak.   Your views are transcendent. The sunshine, resplendent. My fifth trip up the mountain, this week.   With climbers courageous, tour parties engage us;…

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