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POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 25:“Propaganda”

“Brought To Heel” ©️C.P. Hickey 2018


Propaganda, propaganda, war of words.

Mine, ours, yours, theirs, his, and hers.

Alleged, because of, doubtful indeed.

Information misleading everything perceived.

Trust is antiquated.

Snake tongues on the rise.

They will even lie to you,

while looking in your eyes.

Propaganda propositions serving hubristic masters,

Citizens traveling toward life-looping disasters.

Never, never, never, never, show your hand.

With highly polished words,

you can rule over the land.

Living within the mystery of administering misinformation,

Controlling tethered lemmings without their slightest protestation.

If you sell the dopes a half-baked truth,

One they’ll surely belief.

The path to exploiting their will,

Will fall before your feet.

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POEMVEMBER 2018-DAY 24:“Painting Is A Form Of Handwriting”

“Painting Is A Form Of Handwriting”

One day, I discovered that a part of me was unable to convey aspects of my mind.

Although, frustrating, I learned to adapt.

And in time, the parts that didn’t work were overcome or dispatched by the parts that did.

Now when I paint, people understand the pain I feel because of that, and are able to read my calligraphy dream.

Swirls and cursive curves in the strokes and brushwork. Words and hopes in the nuance of combined color.

So for me, painting is my form of handwriting. So when I write, I always hope the letters and lines develop into a special form of communion between me and my reader .

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“Splendor” C.P. Hickey 2017


The narrative of a life can be conveyed on the canvas of an Evergreen.

A story of us, you, and me.

Each branch, much like a family tree.

Ornaments capturing the essence of we.

Wrapped in bows and twinkling free.

A reminiscent memory,

Within portable property.

Hanging for all to see.

Telling a lifetime story.

O’ Christmas Tree!

O’ Christmas Tree!

A canvas of us, you, and me.

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Opaque prophecy,

Can’t see or be unseen.

Future fortunes first foretold,

Suppose the past as something old.

But, never!

Never mind a time defined in possibility.

Anything can be guessed upon with enough audacity in tow.

You might as well throw darts at blind bullseyes.

And say, “I told you so!”

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“Dark Reflection” ©️C.P. Hickey 2018


Chasing me day after day.

Short nights, you go away.

Longer in stature, and light.

Vanish at onset of night.

Conscientious conscience to scale.

With sunlight comes your reveal.