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The Misadventures of a boy named Christopher Paul Hickey (A building roaming)- ROUGHEST OF ROUGH DRAFT

Autumn night in Harvard Square Photo by EandJsFilmCrew on Flickr   The misadventures of a Boy named Christopher Paul Hickey. A building roaming. Excerpt-ROUGHEST OF ROUGH DRAFT The fall of 1991 was a special time in my life. I entered into my senior year…

Eve of Deconstruction

-Excerpt from a work in progress: “It was a period of discovery, the birth of experience. We were free to explore in a very unencumbered manner. Leaving the homogenous homesteads of our younger lives behind. We were naturally drawn to these things. Things that…

Hands Undone-Chapter 5: Our Own Prisons We Do Make

Hands Undone Chapter 5: Our Own Prisons We Do Make   It had been days since the last contact with anyone. His cell was six feet by six feet square. There was a rusty pipe sticking out of the wall that gave minimal amounts…

Hands Undone-Chapter 4: Unknown By Any Other Name

Hands Undone Chapter 4: Unknown By Any Other Name   Phoebe awoke after having been sleepless for most of the night. She was uncertain of how much time had passed since she had fallen asleep. It could have been minutes or hours. The darkness…

Hands Undone-Chapter 3: Friends in High Places

  Hands Undone Chapter 3: Friends In High Places   The Tower of Creation had existed for over two thousand years. It stood resolute in the Last City, and it was the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere. Thousands upon thousands of Valkronians made…

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