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Axiom # 20,180,601

“I’d like to remind those that are eager to point out that something is not a right, but a privilege, that it is not a right, but a privilege to point that out.” Thus spoke Ghostnutstra 06_01_2018   Advertisements

Axiom # 20,180,404

“If you are thirsty, and out in the wild, be careful when you find those seemingly lucky water bottles placed throughout the world like Pokemons. Although, they may have held water at one time, if the liquid contained in the bottle is yellow to…

Axiom # 20,180,328

“The only thing I am certain of, is that I can’t be certain of anything.”_Thus spoke Ghostnutstra_03_28_2018          

Axiom # 20,180,326

“When it’s too loud, I can’t see.”_Thus_Spoke_Ghostnutstra_03_26_2018

Axiom # 20,180,221

“Life lived, helps put ink in the pen. Experience, sadness, joy, death; these are all but different colored inks to help you write a tale or two.”_Thus_Spoke_Ghostnutstra_02_21_2018          


And just like that she built the Queendom she always wanted.

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