2021 · Christmas 2021 · The Twelve Days of Christmas




I love me a hearty sammich.

Some bread and lots of meat.

Condiment selections,

and extra, extra cheese.

A hero, spuckie, grinder,

hoagie, flatbread treat.

A sub for my friend, Sharon.

Wraps, tortas, paninis.

When concerning yourself with matters,

of the culinary.

You could do a lot worse,

than grabbing a gyro with tzatziki.

A pita full of hummus,

a steakbomb with the grease.

A poor boy dripping sauce,

all over your knees.

Here’s a little secret:

Last call, at Mike’s Roast Beef.

Order a super with sauce,

on an onion roll, with cheese.

If going to Christy’s,

and you can avoid Sal’s lazy eye.

A ham and cheese with picks and ungs,

will keep you satisfied.

Papa Gino’s Chicken Pahm.

Collier’s Boloney.

Ground Round’s Reuben cut in half.

A Jenny’s meatball dream.

You can keep your five-star restaurant,

I’ll take the corner deli.

An overstuffed sando,

is what makes a happy belly.

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