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Advent Adventures: The Door to December 22nd

The Door to December 22nd: The Legend Of The Turkey Platter

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The Legend of the Turkey Platter

It is known in these parts, that when my mother left my father in the Summer of 1995, she left with the clothes on her back and this turkey platter. In a sense, I find it brilliant. Basically, 🖕🏻, I’m leaving and I’m only taking this plastic platter with me. Of course this is a gross reduction of that circumstance, but for the purposes of this blog, it serves. It will definitely make it into a story at some point. For all my parent’s troubles, they loved each other and loved us. Life sometimes upstages young love, and causes it to grow apart, and that is okay, because they were both able to find happiness after that part of their lives.

But, I digress…It is also known, that the platter is rumored to be in one place, believed to be in another, and it remains to be determined if the photo you see here is of the actual platter. I may or may not have this platter. It may or may not be the real platter that accompanied my mother on her trek to the South Shore of Boston. My Step-father may or may not have this platter. My Sister may or may not want this platter. I’m awaiting a visitation by three spirits on Christmas Eve; at which point I hope to have the answer to any and all questions regarding my Mother’s cherished service ware. We should have tucked it in her casket, or at the very least, had them carve it into her headstone.

If anyone does or doesn’t have information regarding the whereabouts of this platter, please feel free to send any and all leads to my Sister @ phickeysplatter@gmail.com

And please, only serious leads and information wanted.

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