Advent Adventures: 24 Doors of December

Advent Adventures: The Door to December 16th

The Door to December 16th: “Christmas Memories, Christmas Reveries”

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Dear Door Openers,

Please enjoy a poem I put together for the season.











“Christmas Memories, Christmas Reveries”


Kringle capers,

Crinkling papers,

Clanging choir bells.


Busy streets,

Hanging wreaths,

Roasted chestnut shells.


Jingle bells,

Red pastels,

Frosted windowpanes.


Fire’s glow.

Hot cocoa,

Pulling reindeer reins.


Christmas memories,

Christmas reveries.

Standing under, mistletoe.


Christmas Evening,

Christmas Morning,

Santa always seemed to know.


Season’s greetings,

Family meetings,

Sucking candy canes.


Midnight mass,

Manger grass,

Joining reindeer games.


Christmas Past,

Christmas Present,

Christmas Yet To Come.


Christmas memories,

Christmas reveries,

Thank God, that I have some.



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