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“Starbucks Cuck”

“Starbucks Cuck” 

Whatchoo mean, you got no cream?

Whip my order venti plenty.

Some lovely leveled burning sips,

Scald java-loving gentry.


Cinnamon flakes and power shakes,

Compacted grinds deeper still,

Steamed milk under constant threat,

Adding funds for each refill.


Caution contents extremely hot,

Slapping refrigerator panels,

Urban workforce lines the queue,

Doc Martens, Carhartts, flannels.


My taut tall grande pressed to your lips.

Simple sweets dance on your tongue.

A sheath at once contains the heat,

Until the cuppings done.


Sanctimonious bean baristas,

Scraping fluffy foam from off your top.

Compels some blushing fashionistas,

To request the special heady froth.


Gaining purchase on convenience,

Paying forward for free use.

Instant rewards for disobedience,

Begets mistakes that reproduce.


Poseidon’s Triton furrowed schism,

Safe within the harbor docks.

Climb aboard and find the rhythm,

Opening Pandora’s Box.


Like Seattle seaman rounding Puget Sound,

Just a sippin’ simp that’s short on luck.

Pounding waves against your bow,

A standard bearing Starbucks cuck.


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Christopher P. Hickey makes his home in Malden, MA, with his Wife and Children. He facilitates The Malden Writers’ Collaborative. When not working as an administrator at Harvard University, he creates content for his blog ProCrasstheNation.com.  The blog content spans the range from irreverent to philosophical. Picking up casual photography in recent years, he always tries to capture the light all around him.  Christopher enjoys spending time helping writing colleagues.

He is currently working on a series of short stories or perhaps a novella this November while participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Christopher will attempt to eclipse the 50,000 word mark for a second year in a row.

If you would like to contact Christopher, please contact him at: authorcphickey@gmail.com

There are many projects on tap at the end of this year, so please stay tuned. The month of November promises to be rich with poetry, and we’ll be looking into creating another Advent Calendar of blog posts for 2021. We’ll see a different story, memory, picture, etc. behind a series of mysterious and decorated doors.

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