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“Relevant Covenant”

“Maudlin Orange” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2021

Living to word or wording to live,

prison time spent honing a shiv

Muck a luck stick it in a soft gut

Ending inertia before it could start

Scarlet and crimson solidly gaining

Pain poem pictures refraining the framing

Duly denoted, rudely promoted

A fashionable whimsy ignored

Plying with meaning, metaphorical preening, about, in a sense, eclectic

Meter, rhyme, line upon line squaring up artful electric

Verbal excessive persuading reflexive

A coat on a hot sweaty train

Roll up the windows practical sinew

A lot going on in the brain

Dancing poetic pace kept frenetic a darling instance requires

Tricks of words admiration absurd for some, it only inspires

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