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“Uncivil Liberties”

“Mask a Nation” ©️ C. P. Hickey 2021

“Uncivil Liberties

Growling self-advocacy

Above all else

You, put your interests

Sowing harm and consequence

In the name of happiness

Pursuant to,

The line your ego draws

Not once

Giving service

Or thought

Pursuant to,

The pursuits of others

Your epistemology fits on the head of a pin

A conscience abstaining exercise

Kicking cans down roads

Escape goat, summoned

Pride throughout the fall

What will it take to move the needle?

On your impertinent insistence

To elevate only yourself

And leave objects in mirror

further away than they appear

Keep your choice to die


Go do it the fuck alone

And leave the rest of us out of it

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