Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 41 “Pithy-Pathy Abernathy”

“Pathy” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Pithy Pathy Abernathy”


Pithy Pathy Abernathy,

Possessed a compact gait.

He walked on unknown paths,

In a semi-heightened state.


Getting lost, his prime directive.

Often, being found.

A whisper of muttered invectives,

For an unobservant crowd.


One time, when on a walkabout,

He somehow lost his way.

No one heard a single shout,

And found him dead the next day.


Compass, breadcrumbs, GPS.

A lesson to be learned?

Pithy-Pathy Abernathy;

Gambled wrong on that last turn.



I wonder what would have happened if Abernathy turned here, instead?

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