Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 40 “Compliant Complaints”

“Lights at Collossus” © C.P.Hickey 2019


“Compliant Complaints”


I don’t meant to bother you.

Is now a good time to share my view?

It’s not my fault…

I promise you.


After all that I’ve been through,

Would it be okay to speak with you?

It’s not my fault…

A moment is all I need of you.


I’m really sorry to impose.

Bothering you with tales of woe.

It’s not my fault…

Can you suppose?


I didn’t mean to take your time.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

It’s not my fault…

Forgive my nervous pantomime.




I’m so so sorry to ask again, but have you checked out Summertime Rhymes?















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