Summertime Rhymes

SUMMERTIME RHYMES- # 28 “Possessed By Booklust”

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“Possessed By Booklust”

Pages upon pages,

Desire rages.

Coveting cover to cover.

Used bookstore of independent means,

Pushing its addiction on book lovers.

Possessing the tomes,

Brought back to stacked homes.

Shelves, apparently ready in wait.

Hoarding interest, of books I invest,

Saving for some future date.

Musty and dry,

Olfactory delights.

Tangible dreams in your hands.

Published reams, infinite reads,

A traveler in fictitious lands.

Book club, or bust?

I’m full of book lust.

I think I might need intervention.

A bibliophile, before I could walk.

And full of the best of intentions.

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