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Summertime Rhymes- # 6: “Pity Party”

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“Pity Party”

Come and join my pity party.

There’s a seat right next to me.

I’ll share more than you care to know.

It’ll only costs some sympathy.

Can I convince you, that life is tough?

That, misfortune follows me?

For wrong or right, or just for spite,

Fate supports my misery.

If I could list, you’d get the gist,

Of all my maladies.

You could conceive, all that aggrieves,

And keeps me from some peace.

Hop on my train, while I complain,

It’s nice when I can confide.

Your presence here, your open ear,

Helps deny the facts I hide.

It might well be, that I can’t see,

How my choices bring pain to me.

But at this table, you help enable,

A lack of accountability.

When the sky falls, Who’s at fault?

Well, it certainly can’t be me.

For, fate’s designs, keep me behind.

Please, take pity on me.

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